Apple iOS 10.2

Chingaroo Nov 14, 2016

Apple iOS 10.2 will release update in December, but their second developer's beta shows us a glimpse of the new features and bug fixes coming to iOS devices. Here are seven features that will make it worth the upgrade. 1. New emojis Your iPhone or iPad will get 72 new emojis with iOS 10.2. You can find them at 2. Preserve camera settings Instead of defaulting to the original camera settings, you'll be able to choose what mode or filter to your iPhone will open in. You can scroll down to Preserve Settings option under Photos and Camera and select ones you want to preserve you setting. 3. Emergency SOS The emergency feature on the Apple Watch will be available on iOS devices. In the event of an emergency, your device allow you to call the authorities without having to dial the phone. Press the on/off button five times in a row to initiate a three-second countdown which will connect you to the emergency services and location will be delivered as well. 4. Resume your text from a quick response You can pick off where you left off in your text when you click to open the full screen message from the lock screen or preview instead re-typing it over again. (a great Fix) 5. Celebration message screen There is a new Celebration screen filter in the Messages app. 6. New wallpaper on the 7 and 7 Plus On iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, there will be three new wallpaper options to chose from for your background and lock screen. The options are yellow, pink and water droplets, that move with the phone when you chose the perspective option. 7. TV app The new TV app Apple demoed is already available in beta but is coming to iOS devices with iOS 10.2. The TV is meant to be a central hub for TV content and video subscriptions that will curate content for you and suggest new shows based on your preferences like the For You section in Apple Music.